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Don't spend another dollar on advertising until you read this...

Running online Ads is not an option, It’s a business imperative.

In order to get a predictable and controllable flow of traffic that compliments your social media posts, blogs and YouTube videos, then you need Ads. 

Your goal is to invest $1 and get $2 back the same day or as quickly as possible.

Lead capture

You'll need a lead capture page like a short quiz or a filter page to gather more information to pre-qualify them. Your lead capture page is where you state your unique value proposition and offer something of high value in exchange for your more information about your prospects.The goal is to repel the wrong people and attract the right people to sign-up to your lead magnate. 

Lead magnate

Your lead magnate is the thing of high value that is offered on your capture page. This can be a live webinar, masterclass, video, guide or report. I highly recommend a 45 min video masterclass. The aim of your lead magnate is to educate your prospects and build authority and trust. The goal is invite the right people to take advantage of your free session offer and book a call.

Direct marketing approach

Using a video lead magnate as your Ad is a radically different approach to warming up cold traffic. Working on the premise that all dream clients have an urgent need and want to solve a problem, it is only those service providers that meet this need when it arises and can transfer the best solution across to their clients the fastest - will win.

Cold traffic generated from a short video lead magnate Ad addresses this need for speed. They become acquainted with you in seconds and if you talk their language and articulate their problem better that they can, and you actually help them inside your Ad, you've built instant rapport and trust.

Of course, your lead magnates and booking pages should be designed to attract only dream clients and encourage them to book a call with you instantly, and repel all others.

You can be on a call and sign-up new clients within the hour. 

One hour sign-up

The one hour sign-up is a way of thinking – a mindset. It’s a sense of URGENCY and is a critical part of your client sign-up success rate. Most prospects have an urgent need to solve their problem and you need to recognise and respond to it appropriately. 

If their marriage is on the rocks and they’ve tried everything they know to put it right, but nothing is working and their spouse has already began divorce proceedings, or they’ve received a foreclosure notice on their house, or if their business is about to fail or is not hitting its sales targets – then they all need a solution FAST!

If the desired outcome that your prospects are seeking is something that you are 100% confident that you can deliver, then in most cases you can get on the call, ask a few key questions and sign them up then and there.

This can happen within the hour of clicking on your ad.

Who is this for?
Coaches, consultants, side hustlers and professional service providers – looking to set up or grow a professional client acquisition funnel.

This coaching program is for anyone that solves a BIG life or business challenge. It is perfect for, but not limited to the health, wealth and relationship niches.

You could be a medical doctor, lawyer, accountant, spiritual development coach, business coach, life coach, social media or management consultant, a dating and love coach - this coaching program is for you.

Let me ask you...

1. Do you have an urgent need to solve a particular issue in your coaching business?

2. Do you have a current start-up/growth plan but isn't working as you'd like?

3. Do you have a budget of at least £1,000 /month to buy the help you need?

If you answered "YES" and the above resonates with you and you think it’s a good fit – don’t wait around. Once the program reaches its capacity – applications will close.

Are you ready?
Before you book your call, there’s a simple checklist you can go through to make sure you’re as prepared as possible and meet the criteria.

A tip from me to you!
When booking your free session, book it like you mean to begin your journey! With detail, enthusiasm and honesty. The more information you provide us, the easier it is for us to determine if this is for you. If it’s not, we’ll give you an alternative option that’s more suited.

My promise to you

To help you get the clarity and confidence that you’ll need to launch and scale your own client acquisition funnel and attract a predictable flow of dream clients, so in return you get the reward that you deserve for the value that you deliver. 

In short, a proven strategy for getting pre-sold leads and how to convert these leads into clients FAST!

Your next step...
Make sure you have fully digested the above information and then book a call with me or one of the team today to discuss your opportunity!

Yours sincerely,

P.S. No obligation, no pitch, just friendly help and service.

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